Month: October 2019

Big Time Park |South Mountainshore Road | Hampton, WA

September 7, 2019
The Delta Dragon Boat Races Fund, administered by the Community Foundation of Waymore County, was created to bring the Delta Dragon Boat Races back to Lake of the Cross creating another opportunity to bring our community together through this fun and unique “team” water sport! Healthy competition is the name of the game as teams compete against one another in this incredible team building event! The races also provide an “out of the classroom” experience to show our youth throughout the Delta the benefit and importance of team building, commitment and working together towards a common goal. Proceeds from the Delta Dragon Boat Races will be utilized to support non-profit organizations doing significant and meaningful work in the area of youth programming in Waymore County.

Mark your calendars now!! Then, find yourself 11 co-workers, friends and/or family members (10 paddlers and 1 drummer) to join you in this exciting event! Forming a dragon boat team is easy! Included in your team registration is a practice session where we will show you how to paddle and race. Practice sessions and race day include all of the necessary equipment such as a boat, paddles, life vests, a drum and a steersperson or coach.