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The Emerald City is is sandwiched by Lake Washington and Puget Sound. If this is your first visit to the area, you certainly want to take advantage of a boat tour. Pike Place Market is a must visit, too. Seattle is a port city, a major gateway for trade. Get ready to explore the best of Rain City by booking one of the best boat tours.

This first tour is going to familiarize you with Friday Harbor. Are you ready to do some whale watching? Whale watching from Friday Harbor is an adventure you don’t want to miss. You’re going to see plenty of orca whales because they are over near San Juan Island feeding on salmon. The boat for the tour features great viewing windows, and there is a heated cabin. You might also catch a glimpse of humpback whales, gray whales and minke.

Now it’s time to board the Victoria Clipper and enjoy a day trip. This boat ride is going to take you to Victoria, British Columbia. Talk about an adventure! The scenic route taken makes for a truly remarkable ride and you’re going to enjoy the views of the Puget Sound. Upon arriving at your destination, you get to check out the city of Victoria and everything it has to offer. The historic downtown district is one of the highlights.

Probably the Seattle boat tour that is the most fun, especially if you have your whole family, are Ride The Ducks of Seattle boat tours.  The Duck boats have been operating in Seattle since the 1990’s and are really unique in that they are amphibious.  The are old beach landing boats from WWII, so they had to sail on the water, then drive up on to the beach to deliver troops.

The Duck boats are a great way to see Seattle and the keep it family friendly by not only telling you about the sights in Seattle and the history, but also cracking jokes that kids and lighthearted adults get a real kick out of.

The Seattle Harbor Cruise is a great way to see more of Rain City itself. You want to see as many of the landmarks as you can while visiting, right? This is one great way to do it, enjoying the views this harbor tour provides. This operation has been in business for decades. You’re going to see the Space Needle, Mount Rainier and so much more, and the commentary during the tour helps you get to know the city a whole lot better. Get your dose of Seattle culture with The Seattle Harbor Cruise.

Seattle Locks Cruise is another great option. It features a boat and bus package combination. This is another chance for you to get to see everything Seattle has to offer. Are you familiar with Lake Union? This tour takes off from Pier 55. You’re going to take in great views of the Puget Sound, and you even get to check out the docks that are used in Deadliest Catch. Have you seen that popular show? Enjoy this boat tour offered up by Argosy Cruises.

This next opportunity highlights itself as a cocktail cruise. You’re on vacation, and you might as well enjoy a drink or two, maybe three. In all seriousness, imagine enjoying your favorite cocktail while taking in the beautiful sights surrounding Lake Union. Your first round of drinks is on the house, too. You’re going to see Husky Stadium, Gas Works Park and much more. Seattle’s Favorite Sightseeing and Cocktail Cruise is operated by Candere Cruising.

Clipper Vacations offers another San Juan Island & Friday Harbor whale watching tour that departs from Downtown Seattle. If you happen to be staying in that area of the city on vacation, this cruise might be more ideal for you than the other one mentioned earlier. Have you ever seen Dali’s Porpoise? This could be your chance to see a lot of the wildlife in the area, including bald eagles. Many people end up spotting seals and otters, too, and of course the various whales the guide will point out during the 2.5 hour tour.

This next opportunity is another cocktail cruise, and it is a shorter ride. The one hour sightseeing cocktail cruise also takes you out to Lake Union, and the boat only takes six people out at a time. That is interesting because it makes for a more intimate ride. You get more attention and can ask all your questions. Be sure to check out all the cool drawbridges that Lake Union has to offer. You’re going to see seaplanes, too. And the scenic shoreline is enough to take in as you enjoy those scrumptious cocktails.

How about a hot tub cruise? The Lake Union Hot Tub Cruise lasts two hours, and up to 6 people can take the tour. You steer the boat yourself, and you get to enjoy all the sights and sounds while in the hot tub. Reviews mention that the office that books these tours is also a boat. How cool is that? Are you ready for a nice hot tub cruise around Lake Union?

What about fishing? Boat cruises are typically seen as sightseeing tours, but a fishing charter would be a lot of fun, too. No Worries Fishing Charters is on Kitsap Peninsula, and they certainly have an adventure waiting for you in the Puget Sound. And while you’re out there fishing, you might also be whale watching and seeing all kinds of wildlife. You’re certainly going to enjoy the views of Mount Rainier, too. The fishing charter offered by Captain Lorenzo and his crew lasts for four hours. How many fish can you catch during that time?

Ballard Kayak and Paddleboard adventures are also available. You can check out all different kinds of watersports opportunities while in Seattle. Don’t forget to make your way to all of the attractions in Downtown Seattle and in the outlying areas, too. You want to get a full look at Rain City, experiencing all the culture that Seattle WA brings to the table.

Eight cruise opportunities were presented to you, and you get to decide which one you want to book. If you have enough time and money while on vacation, you might want to try out a couple different cruise experiences. That trip to Victoria, British Columbia would have you setting foot in Canada, too. That would be neat.

Is it going to be a hot tub and Lake Union? Or do you like the sound of one of those cocktail cruises? Maybe you are set on heading to Canada as part of your vacation fun. One thing for sure is Seattle and the Puget Sound is going to blow you away.


See Seattle, Elliott Bay and the Puget Noise from various points of view! The boat tours and trips from here array from 1-hour harbor tours to overnight expeditions in some of the world’s most stunning waters.

The most significant city in the Pacific Northwest is sandwiched in between Puget Noise and Lake Washington, each backed by its own stunning mountain range, making boat tours in Seattle an extraordinary experience. Seattle boat trip operators provide a range of alternatives, amongst them sunset sails, harbor trips, and dining tours.

Most of the boat tours consist of a 2.5-hour Locks Cruise that brings you in between saltwater and freshwater by means of the historic Hiram M. Chittenden Locks, and a 1.5-hour Lake Washington Cruise exposing lakefront estates and the longest drifting bridge in the world. Rounding out the choices are a Saturday white wine tasting cruise and a Sunday historic cruise, both on Lake Union.

Supper tours are readily available every night, breakfast tours on weekends, and dinner tours on Sundays with Waterways Tours and Occasions. The 2.5-hour supper cruise, restricted to ages 13 and up with a business-casual gown code, includes a four-course supper of Northwestern food and narrative detailing the sights.

Since the 1980s, Cruising Seattle has welcomed travelers onto its two 70-foot high-performance cruising luxury yachts, the m/v Fascination and m/v Neptune’s Vehicle. Dragon Boat Tours is continuing its legacy.

Depending on the schedule, you will see floating homes, sea airplanes, the renowned Seattle horizon, and lakefront estates, amongst them the estate of Costs Gates. Tours go out rain or shine, and every vessel includes enclosed places.

Also, Dragon Boat tours include an interactive search for treasure, enjoyable games, talk-like-a-pirate lessons, and the possibility to shoot water cannons.

For the previous 33 years, Seattle has understood us as their number one cruising trip, and the enjoyable isn’t stopping anytime quickly. There is no much better alternative for a boat trip in Seattle.

Take in the lakefront surroundings of Seattle as you travel along the city’s interconnected waterways in a glamorous and stylish motor private yacht. As you drink, take a look around at regional landmarks from Lake Union to Lake Washington, consisting of the Space Needle and the remarkable waterfront statement at the University of Washington.

Step aboard the lovely Dragon Boat in Seattle’s contemporary and dynamic South Lake Union Neighborhood and sail throughout the water to experience the city like a local. Your captain blends mixed drinks and mocktails for you to delight in as you travel along next to seaplanes taking off and landing on the surface of Lake Union.

Move along and keep an eye out at Emerald City landmarks like the Space Needle, the sloping green and old refinery at Gas Functions Park, and the blue-and-orange Fremont Bridge opening to let sailboats go through. Motor into Portage Bay to have a look at the city’s popular floating homes, especially the home from Sleepless in Seattle, and go through the Montlake Cut into Lake Washington for an up-close view of the University of Washington’s popular waterside arena.

Dragon Boat Tours Highlights:

  • Glamorous cruise around Seattle on a stylish modern-day private yacht
  • Opportunity to unwind & drink a mixed drink while taking in the landscapes
  • Trendy method to see downtown sights, consisting of Space Needle
  • Views of Floating Homes, Gas Functions Park & Husky Arena
  • Informative commentary from your guide about Seattle history